A MUST READ: I Tried Until I Almost Died: From Anxiety and Frustration to Rest and Relaxation

 The title says it all. And while some people can relate to it - it is almost a guarantee that legalism has somehow not crept into our lives and grace has taken a backseat.
A simple word but yet a profound and beyond our understanding to grasp how powerful it is.  And Sandra has done just that as she waved the while flag an invited God to her rescue.  Grace is not for the ‘perfect’ people who have it all together – it a free gift to us by our loving and gracious Father.

If you are looking for a deep book theologically then you will have find another one but if you are in the trenches of life, leaving in fear, and frustration then she has something to share with you. She had me with the first few words in chapter 1: “From as far back as I can remember until age forty-two, I lived in a prison – not one built of bricks and mortar, but a mental prison, locked up by legalism, rules, and regulations”.

It’s as if she’s been reading my mail.  That described me and further in the book ended up realizing that I am been leaving a legalistic lifestyle trying to ‘do’ all that I can to please God but never measuring up. And frustration can quickly set in and because she has been there she’s able to hold our hands as we take the shackles off and come to the light of grace.

You will find her prayers that she prayed to God during the process of relying on God’s grace and letting Him take the wheels of her life and as she gently followed and continue to do so.
If you’d ask me if I was leaving under the law- would think you were crazy but God has graciously been taking the scales off where I do not have to perform to earn His love. 

Are you need in of some grace?  Do you need to return to living in God’s grace?  Are you tired of not measuring up?  Is peace lacking in your life?

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book.  I promise you that you will not be the same person when you turn the last page.  Just like her life was transformed on that faithful January 2, 2012 – yours can too.  Let today be the day.

 “I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”


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