Saving and Trusting God

In a world where 'self' becomes the center.  It is about 'moi' and 'me'.   Who can blame us?  Around us, children are dying, people are starving to death, and the world seems to look the other way, or so it seems at the mass injustice that forces us sometimes to turn off our TV  or change the channel to ease our conscience.   The situation is dire and grave.  

Perhaps I am alone.

Watch this this 5 minute video from Francis Chan and prepare to be convicted. I was.

What a challenge to TRUST in our God for everything and leave the tomorrows to Him.


  1. Wow. The ending was powerful. I didn't expect to cry. His last sentence was profound..."I've got the same Shepherd." Amen to that!

    I have relinquished the worry badge and controlling nature quite sometime ago and boy does it feel good not to concern myself with the "things" of this world. It's truly freeing. Frees me up to do His will for His Kingdom.

    Thank you for this 5 minute praise report.


  2. Good morning sweet friend.
    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting me in North Beach :-)

    Have a very Happy Thursday and keep smiling that beautiful smile because Jesus favors you!


    That's for that very beautiful e-mail. He has fulfilled two dreams of mine and patiently await my Prince Charming. Not copycats, but the real thing! :-)

  3. Hello sweet friend and Happy Sunday!

    Church was awesome this morning. I just love the worship music as much as the word. God is so gracious and loving towards us that it makes me cry often.

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your beautiful family of day of warmth and love.

    I answered your question from my last post and left you a challenge :-)

    Love for a great day!
    And here's a HAPPY Monday in advance!

  4. GM beautiful child of GOD!

    Just wanted to send you an early HAPPY Easter greeting. Tomorrow is Friday for me and I usually don't blog on the weekends.

    How blessed are we that our Savior went willing to the cross for us? Who and what would I be without His love, grace and mercy?

    I cannot imagine my life and my choices being of any good if He didn't save my soul. I surely wouldn't have met the beautiful people that I've met over the years, YOU included.

    Love you and grateful that we have shared our lives over time and prayerfully, we'll meet one day.

    Love and hugs,

  5. Happy Saturday.

    Usually, I'd be in my Yoga class, I have to work this weekend.

    So with that being said, I decided to blog hop and say good morning to all my bloggers friends, family members and sister's in Christ.

    Have an awesome family weekend and do all the things that make your heart happy!

    Love you lots!

  6. Hello sweet sister. Just wanted to send a warm greeting and Mother's Day wish from my heart. I love you lots!

    Love, peace and blessings

  7. Good morning sweet sister,
    Pls send me your e-mail address again. I wanted to send you a photo that I took yesterday!

    Love for a great day and many, many prayers for a safe delivery. Yay! A baby is on the way!!!!!!!!

    Your sister in Christ Jesus-
    The lover of my soul!