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IT'S earth shattering and downright scary to suddenly be found a widow at any age.  This very young mother of thirty one had to face that reality along with two preschoolers.   And you can't help but shake your head in disbelief and ask 'why oh why'. 

Meet Tricia Lott Williford!

THROUGH her book: Let's Pretend We're Normal: Adventures in Rediscovering How to Be a Family is a redemptive story of pure grace.  A very young widow of two boys and how to get back up and just do the hard things.  She’s very funny and real and widows or not as mothers of young children – we can relate to her day to day living.  Her story makes you savor every day with your children and appreciate your life just a bit more.  You can be crying one moment and laugh out loud the next as she takes you through her life. 

Through her story, one can learn a lot about family, courage, and forgiveness.  She’s learned many lessons and having the family support that God provided is extraordinary. I highly recommend this book to anyone and experience life in her shoes.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."


Book Review: Finding Your Way Back To God

To say that I love the book is an understatement.  I’ve written all over the pages and shouted Yes and Yes over and over because the authors Dave and Jon Ferguson have posed and guided me to questions that I did not know how to ask or dare to in the book Finding Your Way Back to God.
The authors boldly ask the reader to take a wager in finding god. In so doing, made the following five observations:
1. Awakening to Longing: “There’s got to be more.” – “God, if you are real, make yourself real to me. Awaken in me the ability to see that you are what’s missing from my life.” (Romans 1:18-20?)

2. Awakening to Regret: “I wish I could start over.” - “God, if you real, make yourself real to me. Awaken in me the possibility that with you I could start over again.” (1 John 1:8-9)

3. Awakening to Help: “I can’t do this on my own.” – “God, if you are real, make yourself real to me. Awaken in me the willingness to turn toward you for help.” (1 Pet 5:5)

4. Awakening to Love: “God loves me deeply after all.” – “God, if you are real, make yourself real to me. Awaken in me the awareness that I am your unconditionally loved child.” (John 3:16)

5. Awakening to Life: “Now this is living.”- “God, if you are real, make yourself real to me. Awaken in me the confidence that I can live a brand-new life.” (2 Cor 5:170

And the back story if the parable of the prodigal son.  I guarantee you will never read the story the same way again.  It was eye opening to see how they pull out so much truth from the story that will lead the reader right into the arms of a loving Father.
The book can help anyone at any stages on their spiritual journey or even non believer as many of the stories shared in the book inform us.  Also, included is a 30 day study guide to go along as one wrestles and dialogues with God.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."


Bible Study: ANYTHING

UNBELIEF - a word that I am well acquainted it and at the same time cannot believe my unbelief. If someone does not believe in God then who or what else is there to believe in?  Interestingly enough, as a Christian, I do not read the Bible and fight against the truth.  

I believe the Bible

I believe in God's Word
I believe God is real 

But that begs the question: what's the problem? 
I wrestle with the idea of surrendering the throne of my life.  Not purposefully.  I don't dare point a finger at God and say I won't let you reign. But my behavior and actions tell a different story.  It is the crossroad that I am standing at right now asking the Lord to pry open my heart and expose the root cause.

Anything Bible Study ask the question: What keeps you from surrendering it all to God?
It is simply fear. Again they are all rooted together and intertwined and I can only do one thing and that is cry out to God to rescue me, to open my eyes, to expose my false belief system.

Have your way Father in my life.  I wave the white flag of surrender.  

I will not hold anything back.  I will do ANYTHING.

See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has an evil, unbelieving heart that forsakes the living God. Hebrews 3:12 NET


Be the Message Devotional: A Thirty-Day Adventure in Changing the World Around You

As stated in the title, it a thirty day devotion dedicated to various topics that one can you for his or her quiet time.  The Authors walk you through the process and setting up the mood to receive not only the Word of God but to apply it.  I found the applications to be very helpful as they guide me on how to apply what I’ve read.

Each days starts with:

Open Yourself
Open God’s Word Open Your Mind
Open Your Heart
Open Your Life
Open Your Arms

Each of the above is thoroughly discussed as the authors expose you to God’s Word and let you come face to face with the applicable scriptures. Normally, I would read and move on but this process does make you ‘process’ the word and bring you face to face with how to put into practice throughout your day.  Whether it is creating list of names to pray for and the applications will go well beyond the 30 days. 

In the process, you will find new ways to live a more intentional life as well as impact those around 
you. I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.