Let's Try This Again

Another attempt to chronicle my journey with My Saviour.  I waved goodbye to 2012 with a heart filled with gratitude to the God of the Universe.   With the arrival of another bundle of joy that although longed for didn't expect to come to fruition.
I will continue to praise and thank you for a second boy. 

A book called No Ordinary Child among many others that has helped tremendously in being a much better parent and here's a very telling quote:

I’m sobered and grieved over the condition of children in America and in other parts of the 
world. I bear this grief in my heart night and day. I can’t walk past strangers pushing strollers without  becoming stirred as I ponder the life that sits in that baby carriage.  I’m moved as I consider the absolute dynamite awaiting detonation in that little person. I see the world-changer who lives inside every frame. I want this vision to beat in your heart, too. I long for us to pray fervently for our children because we realize our mechanical religious gestures will not ignite their explosive potential.  If our prayer is a blasé: “Oh God, bless the kids,” then we might as well cross our fingers or buy a lucky charm.

Motherhood has taken a whole new meaning for me as God has continued to teach me about the meaning of what a true biblical woman is.  I am just in the beginning and the middle of it with a 7 month old and a soon-to-be freshman in high school.  As I spent the last few months immersed in books and teachings about the true meaning of womanhood - sobering indeed as I feel that I have missed the mark by a long shot, this How God Overcomes Failures in Four Family message, from True Woman conference, brought me some sense of hope.  And I continue to hold to the promises that He's able to redeem the times the locusts have stolen.

Promises.  Yes - they are all over the Holy Book and my dear bloggy friend A Free Spirit Butterfly  whom I admired so much has decided to keep a list of His promises that we find in Holy Writ.  Thank you so much sweet thing for joining me in this journey. Can't wait to meet you in 2013 and give you a great hug.

Started a 21 fast with my church today and I am excited to see what God will do.

Amazed that God heard my cry to leave the city and 3.5 hours of daily commute and reduce to 30 minutes round trip with a new job that I will start in  a few days.  I don't deserve such grace and mercy. My heart overflows with thanksgiving.  This song says it all 'Endless Hallelujah" by Matt Redman.

Dealing with diabetes diagnosis at the end of 2012- it runs in my family and I have made drastic changes to reduce the many negative effects.  

I have decided to join the The Romans Project in memorizing 3 chapters from the book of Romans and I literally sat in the car and asked for the capacity to do it.  I need to but by God's grace alone. 

Last note, I am enjoying the following books:

 Anything by Jennie Allen 

Be glorified Lord!


  1. WOW! What an awesome testimony. His LOVE endures FOREVER. I love the honesty and concur wholeheartedly when we don't feel as though we are worthy of His many blessings. Who are we "but" children of the MOST High. In our "flesh" we will never feel worthy and that's exactly why we need His love and protection to remind us of whose we are!

    Your journey is truly worthy of writing about. To have been given such an amazing gift of a godly man and then to birth a beautiful baby boy from that union...Only The Father!!!!!

    Our 2013 promise journals surely will hold tear drops in the pages as we journal this year. I love how we can read the word together and get different promises based on where we are with our intimate walk with Him.

    He has shown me new scriptures and new songs and I cannot contain the JOY and the SPIRIT of His Son who continues to show us that WE ARE WORTHY because HE first loved us.

    I simply cannot wait to see HIM face-to-face to simply bow, cry and REJOICE; in that order!

    LOVE the photo of Ethan and cannot wait to see how he grows into the GODLY man I know his mother will guide him into.

    What a beautiful gift to behold...being raised by a godly mom.

    I will keep your health in prayer and I have no doubt that you will memorize the Roman scriptures with ease. Quiet time is the key.

    Love you dearly and super excited about coming to NYC when it gets warm. Possibly July :-)

    All things through Christ Jesus.

    GREAT post and thank you sharing. After reading this delicious and spiritfilled post it doesn't seem like you've been gone at all :-)

    Love and hugs

  2. Thank you so very much for your sweet comments and words of encouragement.
    Cannot wait to see promises of God fullfilled as we record them this 2013.
    I love you much as well and CANNOT wait to hug you.
    Love always,