All Things Work Together For My Good

     YESTERDAY brought the end of hours of commuting to the city.  An answer to a prayer.  No- an answer to many prayers and many others on my behalf. I literally begged and begged God almost daily to end it especially with the arrival of a new baby.  Thirteen years of commuting daily which added to a little over 15 hours a week.  He did it. Suddenly.  And so like Him, put me on the same street as my husband less than half a mile away.


Gracious are the very few words I can use to describe the overwhelming feeling from a heart flowing with thanksgiving.

     TODAY I start a new position one that the Lord made sure that I know I didn't get because of skills or experiences.  You see, I applied for the position online and received a call the next day to schedule an interview.  I had to take a test first as part of the hiring process.  I was warned that some people have taken as long as three hours to complete the test.  Upon my arrival for the test which was over 20 pages of questions -not multiple choice - essay like answers required.  I looked at it quickly to see which questions I could answer quickly. 

 One.  Just one answer that I knew with certainty.

     I thought of walking out of the conference room where I was.  After all, there was absolutely no way I was remotely going to get this position.  Two others have interviewed before me and surely they answered more than one question.  They are much better- I thought to myself.  It was fine because after all I still had a job.  The truth is the position involved much more than what I was doing where I was but capable of learning nonetheless. 

     AFTER wrestling for an hour -. I turned in the test thinking I didn't deserve an interview but the manager walked in and conducted the interview.  In all, I was there for over 3 hours.  I quickly called my husband to tell him jokingly that if I get called that God made sure I wouldn't be able to take an ounce of credit. 

     BUT they did call me less than an hour after leaving the place to start background check.  I was offered the position a few weeks later. I was stunned.  Amazed.  Nothing short of the favor of the Lord.

     IT is so worth documenting, dear Lord, lest I forget your faithfulness and mercy in the land of the leaving.

     IN answering this specific prayer, He opens the door to have family devotion in the morning. 

To be continued.


  1. I heard this on yesterday's sermon. "I know that you can do all things;..."
    Job 42:2

    You're the second person to GIVE Praise to the Father in this amazing way. My little sister from Church quit her job two weeks ago. The coworkers were mean and not Christlike at "all." Her spirit was being drained.

    She'd had enough and left. She started tempting and we were praying for her in Church and yesterday, The Father gave her an amazing answered prayer. A NEW job. We were rejoicing in chorus!!!!

    Many, many continued blessings sweet sister!
    free spirit butterfly

  2. I am so glad for her. I hope the new environment is much, much better than the previous. It's unfortunate to work in these hostile and mean places and I am well familiar with hearing just about all of it in the workplace.
    I often said that my co-workers are true examples of the 'lost' referred to in the Bible, the mockers, and haters and the sad thing is they are proud of it.
    I rejoice for your sister from church. All the praise and honor to the One and only.

    Love you.