I Am Back!

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here on this blog.  I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and start writing again.Hopefully.  With the coming new year, I hope to be more engaged in doing more of the things I love to do.

I cannot quite believe that 2009 has only 21 days left and it will be go down in history. So much has happened and I am praying a whole lot more.  Because this heart of mine longs for more.  Until then, my mind can't get rid of off this song.  Perhaps for good reason. 

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  1. Good morning my beautiful blog sister and friend. God is patient and so are those who love you. Getting around to doing the things we love is a must. Life can get in the way of that and the stresses of work as well. Blog only if it's in your heart, that's when the post come out right. I'm always here to support you as you've supported me. We may not always comment on our blogger friends post, but that doesn't mean that we are praying for them and wishing we could see them more often.

    Let's make 2010 on the best years yet! I have Faith that the Lord has something special planned for the both of us!

    PS. How is the health kick coming along? I remember an old post about your work out plan....

    Love you always!